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                                          Welcome to Impact on People

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This program was designed for people who are serious about getting fit in record time. We start off slowly, and over the course of   8 weeks, we progressively increase the challenge of the workouts. The I.O.P environment is positive and motivating for the mind, body and soul! Ready to learn about how to build up your self. ?


Our training session is a comprehensive, 8-week weight and fat-loss program that incorporates:

s        fitness instruction

s        resistance training

s        functional training

s        core work

s        Kick Boxing

s        Aerobics

s        food modification

s        nutritional counseling

s        diet planning

s        motivational training


I.O.P is run by John Cox, a nationally certified professional trainer and nutritionist.   Action Figures is also includes special nutritional seminars and each Fitness Boot Camp session is one hour long.

What if I don’t feel fit enough to enlist?




I.O.P  is for people of every age, size, shape or fitness level. Male and female. Old and young. Short  and tall. Fit and not-so-fit. All we ask is that every recruit who enlists agrees to do their best. Get it? You don’t have to be in the best shape of your life to join — that’s why you’re enlisting, to get in the best shape of your life! Our drill sergeants are trained in positive motivation so they can help you become the best you, ever.

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